I went to a wonderful yoga workshop yesterday and was reminded once again about how yoga practice is just that – practice.  It got me thinking about how true that is of many things in life, including our eating habits.  Can I say honestly that I eat a perfectly balanced diet everyday or that I drink enough water 100% of the time?  Of course not – I’m human, and it takes practice.


I can tell you that my eating habits have gotten much better over the last few years and even in the last few months.  I’m always making changes, and actually often noticing changes that I wasn’t even aware I had made.  I eat far less processed food than I used to, and refined sugar has managed to almost entirely leave my diet.


There are times when I revert to eating foods that I know don’t make me feel my best.  Sometimes this is because I’m away and my choices are limited.  Sometimes it’s just because I’m having a bad day.  When I notice that I’ve slipped into old habits, I don’t get angry with myself. I remind myself that it’s all practice and I make sure that I focus the next day on getting back on track.


One of the teachers at the workshop talked about setting a theme for a period of time – an aspect to focus on in your yoga practice until you feel like you are ready to move onto another piece.  This can be good when we’re thinking about our eating habits as well.


Do you know that you don’t drink enough water?  Maybe for the next week or two, set the intention to be aware of how much water you are drinking and to increase it if necessary.  See how it makes you feel.  When you feel the positive impact that this change has on you, it will be easier to make it a habit, and then you can move onto the next step in your eating practice.


I’m always here for support – feel free to send me an email if you want to take this to a deeper level.


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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