It’s Time to Start Talking about Preconception Care

gather round the fireLast week, I was talking to Dr. Aumatma, a naturopathic doctor who has a focus on fertility, and we were talking about the conversations that go unspoken, and how we are here to provide the space for them to be spoken safely. “We are the grandmothers of a movement,” she said. “YES!!” I replied, and I’ve been thinking about this ever since. It has helped me to focus on why I am doing this work, and exactly whom I feel called to support.

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve done what a lot of us do as I’ve grown my business – I’ve said what I thought you wanted to hear. That’s even advice I’ve been given by business mentors of mine. Sure I’ve been sharing the things that I know are important for you on this journey, but I feel like I’ve been sharing them in a whisper and now I am ready to shout them from the rooftop!

Here’s what doesn’t change – I want you to feel a sense of ease instead of overwhelm, always. I don’t want to bombard you with things to be fearful of, ever. I want you to know that this community is a place of safe and sacred space where you can always share what’s coming up for you.

Here’s what does change – I am not going to sugar coat the truth so it sounds prettier than it is. I am going to tell you what you need to do and why you need to do it now. I am going to ask you to help me spread this message and be part of this movement with me. I know that you care because you’re here, so let’s do this together, okay?

It’s time to gather ’round the fire and share our stories. No more hiding out in fear, shame, embarressment or guilt. You are strong, and as a community, we are stronger still.

The first thing you can do is answer this question in the comments below: What do you think is most important to know before you conceive, and why?

The second thing you can do is to share the blog in whatever way resonates with you, whether it’s sharing it on social media or sending it to your best friend.

The third thing you can do is join me on Facebook and stay active in the community.

Thank you so much and I look forward to growing this movement with you.

Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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6 thoughts on “It’s Time to Start Talking about Preconception Care

  1. melanie

    I have had unwanted pregnancies because I didn’t feel comfortable enough to stand in my body and say “use contraception because I think its YOUR responsibility too”.

    SO, I think the most important thing to know BEFORE you conceive is WHO YOU ARE, and have the confidence to BE who you are. Understand your body. Know the truth and don’t fall to peer pressure, or self doubt. Any choice made from that space will be one better thought out.

    1. Xandra O'Neill Post author

      Great insight! Knowing who you are, getting comfortable with that, and developing self trust are certainly keys to an empowered pregnancy, and empowered living in general.

  2. Karena

    It’s important to know that pregnancy is a sacred voyage, and you are the captain. This is paramount because modern conventional medicine has a tendency to treat pregnancy the same as it treats disease; as something to be managed and controlled. But the truth is: nature cannot be controlled, and its beauty is witnessed when we can stand back and let it unfold before us. Educate yourself and ask your care provider lots of questions; your pregnancy is what you make it, whether that means it’s full of fear and tests, or health and patience. Not every test is necessary (in fact most aren’t), and it’s not even a requirement to birth in a hospital. Take time to think about how you want to carry and birth this sacred new life into the world.

    1. Xandra O'Neill Post author

      Wonderful words of wisdom Karena! The key to being able to ask questions of your care provider is that you trust them! You and Melanie have raised two of my favorite points – trust yourself, and trust your care providers!

    1. Xandra O'Neill Post author


      These are wonderful questions. I think it is important to begin this journey with great awareness and understand of self, and that includes paying attention to what this journey into parenthood means for you.


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