Quick and Easy Green Smoothie

Sometimes you need a reminder that healthy habits can begin quite simply.

It doesn’t need to be about spending confusing hours in the kitchen, experimenting with ingredients you’ve never heard of.

To make it really work for you and start you on the journey to learning what works best for your body, you start with the healthy foods that you know you love.

Here’s one of my favorite ways to boost my energy mid-afternoon, when we tend to get tired and reach for those vending machine sugary snacks.

While the last smoothie recipe I shared with you is awesome in it’s own ways, you can see the difference between the green powder and the fresh greens, and believe me, you can taste it too!

Have you tried green smoothies before? If you have, tell me what you love about them. If you haven’t, are you ready to do something easy and nourishing for yourself today?

kale smoothie recipe

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Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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5 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Green Smoothie

  1. Shannon

    I am starting to love green smoothies. I hace been doing it for a full week and I usually have it for breakfast or a late night snack. Since I have so many food allergies, I have to move slow but I havr been loving my spinach, apples and oranges mix.


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