Redefining Success

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We tried something new the other  night – Chloe’s first sleepover without us there. With us just a 5 minute drive away we decided to take the leap and see.


When trying something new, stretching yourself beyond your way of living up to that point, it is good to start small and just do.


We could have assumed it wouldn’t work, especially given how cranky and sensitive she’d been that day. We could have decided not to try.  But then we would never have known.


When I started my journey to creating the best first home for my baby,  who at the time had not even been conceived, I could have decided it would be too difficult to change my habits. I could have been afraid of the unknown.


Instead, I took a step, and then another step, and now I find myself looking back and seeing how far I’d come.  I started living a life so much more in line with my authentic self, someone who I am still to this day getting to know.


As it turned out, I was awoken by a phone call at 2:15 am with a screaming Chloe in the background, crying for mama and dadu NOW. My mom had been trying for half an hour to get her calmed down and back to sleep with no luck. So we hopped in the car, and 20 minutes later I was holding her in my arms, comforting her.


Was it a success? I think so. She slept the first part of the night without us there which is something she’d never done.


How we define success makes all the difference.


Let’s define it as taking steps towards living our lives authentically and with love.  Sometimes success will measure up to our expectations and other times it will just be a step on the journey.


Are you ready to take a new step and stretch yourself towards the life you want to be living?


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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