Releasing Expectations

where will your journey lead youOn your journey, you will hit bumps in the road, you will stumble, and you may even take a big tumble.


You will get up again, smarter and stronger than before, with new lessons learned.


On my path, I’m coming again to the lesson about releasing expectations.


Maybe this sounds familiar to you…


You start learning about something new and you want to dive in deep.


You want to make the most of new information and you feel inspired to make big change.


You set your expectations high.


But what comes next?


You get stuck, because you were looking for the quick fix and you realize that you can’t do it all at once.


Baby steps are so important.


You set a strong foundation, you build a path that will lead you exactly where you need to go.


You do it one stepping stone at a time.


You need to realize that you have to start where you are now.


Not where you wish you were.


Not where you feel you should be.


Plant two feet on the ground.


Look around.


Know your destination and know that it may change (that’s totally okay and quite likely).


When you release expectation, you open up to possibility.


You are full of possibility.


Are you ready for the next step?


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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2 thoughts on “Releasing Expectations

  1. Lauryn

    A beautiful post Xandra. I have such a hard time letting go of everyday expectations. It is one of the biggest struggles that I face internally. Thanks so much for the words of wisdom!

    1. Xandra Post author

      Thank you Lauryn!

      Instead of thinking of it as a struggle, can you think of it as practice?

      Life is full of practice, bringing up lessons again and again to help guide us.



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