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The Sacred Becoming Sessions are for the women who take care of others yet forget to take care of themselves. These sessions are for the women who can hold space for the dreams of those around them yet feel stuck in their own dreams. These sessions are for the women who are ready to move into their next iteration and are ready for some loving support. Is that you?

To me, support means stretch. Support is about helping you identify and discover the most valuable dreams in your heart, guiding you to the edge of your comfort zone, and holding your hand as you take a step or leap beyond that edge.

I’m offering the Sacred Becoming Sessions as a way to help you take empowered action to get your dreams rolling.

When you sign up for these sessions, here’s what you get:

* A pre-call soul work assignment that gets you thinking about what you desire most, what you value, and what you need, and gets you taking action before our time together even begins.

* An hour long kick-off call with me where we map out where you are now, where you want to be (and why!!), and what’s been getting in your way. From there, we create a plan together to get you into action right away, whether it’s with small steps or big leaps.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of small steps because they are easy to implement and they add up fast!

* Bi-monthly calls to see how things are shifting and moving deeper and to work out the kinks along the way.

* Soul work to help keep you focused, moving forward, and in empowered action.

* A tarot card pulled for every session and offered at the end to bring you deeper insight.

* Email support between sessions so you never feel alone if you get stuck or want to celebrate.

Got questions? Here are a few answers.

Have more? You can reach me via email at xandra at sacredbecoming dot com.

What is the duration of the Sacred Becoming Sessions? Six months, and here’s why.

During the last six years I have worked with clients for increments ranging from an hour to 6 months (and some have continued on beyond that). What I have found is there is a sweet spot around month four. By then you have experienced some incredible shifts, you begin to feel your own power, and you are moving deeper into the work of Sacred Becoming. With shorter programs, I have found that clients are often left with the desire to keep working together but the hesitation that comes with deep change. When we work together for 6 months (or more!), you get support, stretch, and guidance as you make the transition to deeper layers of sacred you.

What is the investment? $1950

This is a commitment to yourself that you are going to show up and do the work. I know, it can feel challenging to invest in yourself. I also know how empowering it feels when you come out the other side. Trust yourself, and trust me. Together this work is magical.

What is the time commitment? Two hours a month for our calls and as much time as you’re willing to put into your soul work (and this will vary based on your desires). If time is a concern for you, we’ll make sure to break up your soul work into small pieces so you can get it done with ease.

What clients are saying:

“My work with Xandra has been very deep and profound. She has a gentle yet direct way of getting right to the heart of the matter. She asks penetrating questions that have challenged me and given me great insight. The tarot cards she pulls for our sessions have been right on and so enlightening for me. I love that she recaps our conversation afterwards in an email and gives very thoughtful ‘soul work’. She is a very wise soul with a lot to offer!” – Lynn

“When I first started working with Xandra I felt excited to start this work but also a little nervous. It was daunting to try to open up to someone with whom I hadn’t spent any real face time with and work through a lot of layers of fear, need, and expectation…. Three months later I feel like one of the best decisions I could have made to prepare for being a mom, was to start working with Xandra! My favorite part of working with Xandra has been doing the work she assigns and then going over it during our calls and emails. Doing the assignments helps me to get to a point where I know I’m starting to learn something and going over it through calls and emails helps to uncover parts of learning and growth that I might miss on my own.” – Bianca

“Xandra, how happy I am that you have come into my life…. I love that you hold us so gently on the journey.” – Sheila

Do you know you’re ready to dive in?

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