Saturday Gratitude List

Sharing the joy of my favorite season with you, here’s what I’m grateful for this week.  What about you?

color story and fall


Pumpkins and spice


Bowls full of veggies to fill my belly


Time spent wandering aimlessly


Finding my way back to my yoga mat


Patience in the midst of a screaming 2.5 year old


Gathering with friends and family for dinners outside


Cutting and collaging with Chloe


Deep connection and communication


Making plans for dreams that I know can come true


The amazing feeling of support


Group hugs with me and Jon and Chloe (a memory I have from my own childhood, recreated)


All the mamas out there searching for themselves amidst the new roles they’ve grown into *


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

clear signature




* If that’s you, I’ll be announcing something soon that I’m creating especially for you!


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