Season Change and the Rice Cooker’s Back Out

Not too long ago, I got down to business in my kitchen.  I cleared out what I was no longer using and I rearranged based on how often I use what was left and where it makes most sense to keep it.  This might sound obvious, but on my journey to simplifying my home, my stuff, and my space, this was an exciting and big project for me.  I even ended up with a few empty cabinets, which made my soul sing!


Just as I found the perfect storage place for my rice cooker, after it had sat out all summer while I wasn’t using it much, it was time to take it out again.


This happens every year.  The air starts to get cooler and then I feel this little voice inside of me.  “Oatmeal…oatmeal…it’s time.”

Zojirushi rice cooker

What I love most about my rice cooker, except for having to plan a bit ahead, is that I can do just that. I love waking in the early morning hours, when Chloe and Jon are still dreaming.  I love my journey into the kitchen, first for my cup of tea, and then for my oatmeal that I don’t have to make, because it’s waiting for me.


The Zojirushi has, among its many settings, a porridge setting.  I’ll be honest – this is why I wanted it and was so glad to receive it as a gift from an aunt last year.


Do I use it to make brown rice?  Sure, sometimes.  For the most part, it is the key to a simplified and relaxing morning with a hearty breakfast.


A while back I shared my SuperFood packed Start to the Day post, which featured the rice cooker, as well as my go-to recipe at the time.  I’ve since cut out the maple syrup, because I’ve cut down on the nonessential sugar in my life, but it’s a more natural sweetener than a lot out there.


The Zojirushi Induction Rice Cooker * makes a great holiday gift for someone else or to put on your own wish list.  It’s versatile with settings for different types of rice (and of course porridge) and it’s easy to clean.


If you follow me or have participated in any of my programs, then you know that toxins is an issue that I’m passionate about, and I’m very strict about what I use in my home.  Plastic and nonstick and just about out in our kitchen.  The Zojirushi is nonstick, but I’m still using it for a few reasons.


It’s what I’ve got and it’s bringing more ease into my life


Extensive research was done to find the best rice cooker out there, and this was it 


I treat the rice cooker very carefully, and always use silicone utensils and NEVER metal on the surface


I have yet to find a better one, but when I do, I’ll let you know


My rice cooker serves as a great reminder that with everything comes balance.  I worry less about the nonstick surface because I know I am taking proper precautions.  That allows me to enjoy my breakfast!


What’s your favorite way to start your day once the weather turns cold? I’d love to hear, so please share in the comments below!


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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* affiliate link – I get a small percentage of purchases made through this link


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