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It’s that time of year full of chocolate, flowers, and teddy bears.  If you’re in a relationship, thoughts may turn to plans for Valentine’s Day with your loved one.  If you’re not, you may make plans with friends, or just ignore the holiday.  I want you to focus on something very important this year, something that often gets ignored amidst the busyness of life – Self Love.  I want you to think this month about how you can honor yourself, love yourself, and treat yourself to something special.  This is especially important during pregnancy and motherhood, as so much in your life becomes about taking care of someone else so intimately.  Finding the time to and space to take care of yourself is even more important, and often more difficult.


Here are my 5 favorite ways to practice self love.  Pick one that resonates with you, and put it into practice today.


Find something you love – Choose something that gives you joy that you don’t make enough time for anymore.  This could be baking, going for a bike ride, or reading a favorite book.  Allowing yourself to enjoy this activity will let you honor a part of you that often takes a back seat to your to-do list.


Massage – Go get a massage, or ask a loved one to give one to you.  You can relax both your body and your mind through massage, and it can make you feel like you’ve got a fresh start.  Make sure to hydrate after, and massage releases toxins and you want to flush them out of your system.


Gift yourself a do nothing day (or hour) – Don’t make plans for this time, just let yourself be.  You can relax with a cup of tea, fill this day with things you love, stay in bed a little longer in the morning – anything that makes you feel like you are taking the time to let the worries go.


Write a letter of gratitude to yourself – It is so easy to get caught up in the story of all the things we didn’t get done.  We are often very good at pulling ourselves down with these stories we tell ourselves, but we rarely focus on all that we have accomplished.  Take some time to sit and write a letter thanking yourself for all that you have done for you – whatever comes to mind, write it down.  Keep it somewhere accessible, and whenever you’re feeling like you need a boost, read it as a reminder of how wonderful you are.


Indulge – When we treat ourselves to something special, it feels wonderful.  Making a decadent decision on occasion can feel like a wonderful reward, and it’s an amazing way to honor yourself.  Get dressed up and have a meal at a favorite restaurant that you don’t go to very often, or take a day off to recharge.  Keep the indulgences special by not making them everyday occurrences.


Whatever you choose, whether it’s a few moments out of a day or a long vacation, remember to honor yourself by practicing self-love.  Our actions in the world, and our interactions with others all begin with how we treat ourselves, including and especially when it comes to love.


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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