She Said We Will Make 3 Wishes…

Ruth Clark Laughing Loon Retreat

photo credit: Ruth Clark

We gathered ’round the table, bathed in candlelight and the magic of the Lake and she said

We will make three wishes.

The first one came quickly to mind and I held back tears as I blew the candle out.

Within three days the wish had come true, and had brought me a deeper understanding than I ever expected.

That’s how her magic works.

She holds space and whether you come full of expectation or open to anything at all, you never leave with what you thought you would. And you always leave with more.

The second wish came from deep within and before I left I gave the wish to the Lake. Time will tell, and I trust.

The third wish was filled with pain, with heartache, with knowing the fulfillment may take a lifetime. And beginning to be okay with such a truth.

As we gathered to circle on our final night together, she gifted us not just one more wish, but a jar filled with them.

The wishes keep coming. The truths of what I most desire revealing themselves to me as they are ready. As I traveled home, twenty pages of words poured out of my journal in two days. Filled with wishes.

And the magic of the Lake, of the space she holds, of the women I gathered with, are already turning wishes to truth to reality.

With Love and Gratitude,
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