Shifting the Complicated to Get Grounded Again

IMG_20160127_213918Things are rarely as complicated as we make them out to be.

I am a master at the art of creating a story in my mind that is far more involved that anything actually happening in my life. Maybe you do this too?

A simple moment hits you harder than you think and suddenly you’re spinning tales and falling into a well of your own creation.

I even have a list on my desk titled ‘snap out of it’  to remind myself of what works to get me out of the funk.

Sometimes the energy needs to be shifted. Sometimes we need to feel grounded again. And sometimes we are the only ones who can give ourselves that gift.

We can brew a cup of tea (I’m drinking organic ginger chamomile from Traditional Medicinals right now, my nighttime favorite).

We can buy a piece of art that fills our soul, knowing it will soon fill space on our wall (like this one)

We can rest ourselves on the ground in an impromptu savasana (because sometimes it’s the only pose that matters).

We can cut words and images from magazines in the hopes of finding some message that soothes our soul (‘you are a gift’ is one that I found tonight).

We can close our eyes, rest our head in our hands and take slow and deliberate breaths to calm our nervous system down (repeat as necessary).

And so it goes, in the words of the masterful Vonnegut. We continue on, breath by breath, moment by moment, riding the waves of sacred becoming.

Because that’s what this is – it’s sacred becoming. It’s these moments that teach us who we are and who we are not. It’s these moments that give us our strength and allow us to shed our fear. It’s these moments that, in the end, allow us to find our roots and rise.

With Love and Gratitude,
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