Simplicity. Simplicity. Simplicity.

“Simplicity. Simplicity. Simplicity.” – Henry David Thoreau




The idea of simplicity, and this quote specifically, keeps finding it’s way to me in the last few days.


The quote was shared by a lovely woman in the Nourishing Your Sacred Mama Spirit Detox. Then in an email from Gretchen Rubin.


I’ve been finding simplicity in my work.


As I clean my bathroom out yet again.


In the time I spend with Chloe.


With the food that nourishes me.


In how I choose to spend my time.


Simplicity invites ease, joy, and health.


Stay tuned for more ways that I’m inviting simplicity into my life.


Where are you finding simplicity these days?


Where could you find more?


I’d love to hear, so please share in the comments below.


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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