Special National Nutrition Month Tips # 9,10,11

Hot tea, rest, self-care.

I’ve spent the last two days uttering barely 100 words because my vocal cords have shut down.  They told me that it’s time to take a look inward, and I’ve done all that I could do – I’ve listened.

Getting sick is never fun.  Sometimes it’s just a nuisance, sometimes it forces us to change important plans, and sometimes it is our body sending us a bigger message of something gone terribly wrong inside.

I wanted to take this space to share with you things that might not seem to the naked eye to be as connected to the topic of nutrition as fruits and veggies, protein, and processed foods.  The reason is that these others are just as important, if not more important to our continued health and well being.

Hot tea – Such joy can be found in a simple cup of tea.  It can be whatever kind you want.  Lemon and ginger has been a recent favorite, along with some local loose teas.  The picture above is my most recent bliss in a mug: Soothing Chia Lemon Tea.  Not only does hot tea, if decaffeinated, hydrate you, it can be a break in your day for a recharge.  This can come in the quiet moments of the early morning, or mid-afternoon when you need a break from the frantic pace of your day.  Maybe you unwind at the end of the day with your favorite mug filled almost overflowing, and sip in the beauty that they day gifted you.

Rest – Our bodies need sleep.  It is the time when our body isn’t being taxed by effort and can focus on healing, on resting itself, and on preparing for what comes next.  When you’re sick, be more mindful of your need to slow down.  Even if you can’t sleep well at night or nap during the day, be sure to engage in restful and calming activities.  How you feel is your body telling you to slow down, to take care of yourself.  Curl up with a favorite book or a favorite movie and breath into the calm that you create.

Self-Care – This is a biggie.  The tea and rest certainly fall into self-care, but taking care of yourself regularly in a variety of ways will not only keep you happy and healthy, but it will brighten the lives of those around you.  Have a list of big and little ways that you can treat yourself and make yourself feel special.  Each day, try to incorporate at least 1 little thing (maybe a quick foot rub, or an oil massage before you get in the shower, maybe that cup of tea becomes your sanctuary).  On the days that really have you feeling defeated, see when you can plan one of the big things in the coming week (massage, a yoga class, dinner at your favorite special occasion restaurant).

As you expand your definition and understanding of nutrition to include these other aspects of your life, you start to realize how big shifts can happen with simple actions.  You may wake up one day and realize that although you may not know how you got there, you are worlds closer to where you’ve always wanted to be.

If you’d like support on your journey, send me an email at xandra dot oneill at gmail dot com with the subject line “I’m ready for a shift.” I look forward to hearing from you.

In the spirit of rest and self-care, I’m taking the weekend to stay inward and quiet, which is why I left you with 3 tips today.  Let this soak in over the weekend, and see how you can start taking better care of yourself.

Peace, Love, and Wellness,


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