Starting with the Why

we are the world cardWomen have always been having babies, and this will always continue.  This is the beauty of the community that grows around motherhood – we have an infinite well of wisdom to dip into and learn from. We are the bridge between generations and we have the power to support each other in a most unique way.


In conversations that I have had with women over the last two years and in a recent survey that I did of moms, the same theme keeps coming up – most of them believe that preconception is an incredibly important time, and they know that support during this time has the power to bring such ease to the journey.


Some of this knowledge comes from women who were in a place like I was – they knew they wanted to be mamas so they started learning what they could in order to enter into the experience from an empowered place.  But we all felt like something was missing – the element of support amidst an overwhelming sea of information.


Others came to this understanding through hindsight – “I wish I had someone who could have explained why this was important and what I could have done to make this experience better.”


Conception and pregnancy can be an incredible time, but without the right support it can feel overwhelming and filled with worry.  When you are able to understand the why without concerning yourself with the how just yet, your world opens to the possibility of all that can be and you can release what holds you back in the past.


On April 24th at 8PM EST I am going to teach you all about the why on a free call that I am offering – 3 Steps to Building the Best First Home for Your Baby: The Importance of Preparing for Your Future Baby Now!


By the end of the hour, you will understand the importance of beginning to prepare for your baby right now, you will know where you can be starting to take the next steps, and you will have discovered how.


The call is free and perfect for any woman who is dreaming about becoming a mama at some point in the future (whether it’s just around the corner or much farther down your path), and to women who are thinking about or preparing to expand their families.


Are you ready to spend an hour learning and growing?  Join us by clicking here.


Whatever you do, wherever you are on your journey, know that you are not alone – there is always a community of women ready to welcome you with open arms.


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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