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Simplicity and Cyber Monday/Holiday Shopping

I focus a lot on simplicity and clearing clutter, so it may seem strange that I’m writing a post about Cyber Monday and holiday shopping.


Here’s the thing though – when we allow for simplicity in our lives, we get greater clarity on the things that we truly need and on what giving can be.


Often we discover it’s about more than things.  It may be more time spent with family and friends.  It may mean creating more space in our lives for taking care of ourselves through finding time for yoga, an art class, or reading.


Now what does this have to do with Cyber Monday and this drive that happens during the holiday season telling us to buy buy buy?


When we are able to slow down, clear the clutter, and view this time through the lens of simplicity, we can realize that it’s a great time to make some change in our habits and our worlds.


My mom and I had a discussion about gift giving the other day. We experience so much stress during the holidays as we search for gifts for an often long list of people.  We were talking about how we love finding the perfect gift for someone, and how it doesn’t feel so good to give a gift that you buy because you have to but you don’t really know if the person will like it.  Even with the choices we love, there’s no telling if the receiver will feel the same way.


So often we get gifts that we know we’ll never use, but we smile and say thank you and they get added to the clutter.  Since we experience this, we know that the same must be true for gifts that we give to others.


What if we could change this?  I’m here to tell you that we can.


Here are my 5 tips for taking the stress out of holiday gift giving:


ASKDon’t be afraid to ask what people want.  It can feel great to find the perfect gift, but it can feel amazing to give something that you know the person will cherish because they truly wanted it.


TELLLet people know what you want (and what you don’t want).  Be honest so that they can shop confidently for you.  If you don’t need any more clothing because your closet is exploding, let people know.  They’ll be happy to have had a little guidance.


GIVE EXPERIENCESGet creative with the gifts that you give: a basket with all the ingredients for a delicious meal, complete with recipes and candles for a couple so they can create a nice evening, memberships to the zoo or another play place for kids that you know they enjoy, a booklet of unique coupons to offer to friends and family (a night of babysitting, voucher for you pick the movie/you pick the meal, etc). These ideas are great because they avoid the clutter trap and allow the receiver to create amazing memories.


GIVE SELF CARE If you know that someone frequents a particular yoga studio or loves a good massage but never feels that she can treat herself, a gift certificate is an amazing gift.  It’s a way to give relaxation (and if it’s for a busy mama, you can couple it with an offer to babysit!). If you want to do something more personal, you can put together a “spa basket” with some awesome nontoxic and soothing products that they can use whenever they want.


DON’T GIVE STUFF More and more I’m seeing people say, we’re not doing gifts this year.  Let the holidays be a time to simplify, find gratitude, and reconnect with self, friends, and loved ones.  Get together and enjoy the holidays without the stuff.  This can be a tough one, and for us, is one that we have been working towards for many years, but I don’t know that we’ll ever get down to no stuff.  It’s a fun concept to play with, and to help filter you purchasing decisions.



If you are looking for some great gift ideas, here are some of my favorites (and some great holiday deals) that are true to my values of simplicity, clearing clutter, and nontoxic living.  These are affiliate links, which means I do get a small percentage of purchases made via these links. (Links in green)


Le Creuset makes a great gift for a loved one (or for yourself!).  They’ve got some great holiday specials so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to fill your kitchen with some nontoxic cookware!


Bubble and Bee has a great Cyber Monday sale and amazing non toxic products that you can feel great about giving (and receiving!).


Vitamix is offering $50 off the Vitamix 5200 Healthy Lifestyle Package, so if you’ve been thinking about getting a Vitamix for yourself or as a gift, now is the perfect time.  This can make so much of your holiday cooking (and new healthy habits) so much easier! When you order through the link on this page, you’ll also receive FREE shipping!


Earth Mama Angel Baby is the perfect place to shop for the pregnant women, mamas, and babies on your list.  They’ve got a Cyber Monday sale with 20% off your entire order.


Gaiam is one of my favorite places to shop for eco conscious gifts.  Use this link to access 25% off and Free Shipping on orders of $100 or more (good for Cyber Monday).


Abe’s Market is one stop shopping for everyone on your shopping list (including your kids and your pets!). Check them out today for a great Cyber Monday savings.


Remember to take care of yourself this holiday season too, and check out the savings I’m offering (good until midnight on November 26th). Check them out here, for yourself or to gift to a friend.


When we embrace simplicity, gratitude and connection throughout the holiday season, we create a more joyful and inspired experience for ourselves and our loved ones.


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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