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Gratitude, Thanksgiving, and Soulful Living

I was visiting my grandmother this weekend and did my best to unplug (sign up for the newsletter here and now if you want to hear more of that story tomorrow, I promise it’s good!).


If you came looking for my weekly gratitude list on Saturday and didn’t see it, that’s why.


As we prepare for Thanksgiving later this week, gratitude may be more on our minds than usual.  It’s a great time to bring focus there and to keep that going throughout the holiday season and into the new year.


Stay tuned on the blog this week because I’ll be sharing a sneak peek into 21 Days of Soulful Living and what we’ll be doing with the theme of gratitude.


For now, my list, from my heart to yours….

sunset gratitude

Vibrant, breathtaking sunset

Hazy sliver of the moon

Phone charger left at home ::unplugged::

Four generations under one roof

Waking to sunrise over the mountains

and, “the outside light is turned back on”

Chloe speaking of spirit

Fear clouding intuition and that realization pushing me forward

Simple pleasures

The quiet of the country

Peaceful Walks

Soulful Living


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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