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Up so early again
I rise before the first glimmers of light
I stumble through dreams
To begin my day

The ritual mixes with rhythm
To get me out the door on time
I wait for the train and think,
it’s so early

As the city comes into view
So does the light
Awakening shapes and shadows
That hold countless stories

This cycle continues
A beauty so often unnoticed
The times of transition
Are precocious gems

We close our eyes
To what we don’t wish to see
And in doing so
We often miss life

The light and the dark
Have lessons to share
If only we’d open our eyes
What magic awaits us…

She said…

We gathered together on a magical lake. We shared laughter and tears. We shared souls. We lifted each other, we held each other, we gave each other space to lay our burdens down or unpack them bit by bit. We gave and found exactly what we needed.

We were given the gorgeous opportunity to share with each other what we saw of their souls. Here, grouped together in the way that poured forth from me, are some of the words of my magic making sisters.

Poetry growing the light fantastic

This poem and post inspired by Hannah Marcotti in her program Community Grace and the words of some of my lovely soul sisters who I recently retreated with in Maine.

This is also the first in a new feature on the blog, Poetry Growing the Light Fantastic which will be a Sunday Morning Special.