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Gratitude as Growth (this is what it’s all about!)

gratitude for the future

We don’t grow by looking back, we grow by looking to our future.

When you get clear, crystal clear, on what it is that you want in your life, when you dream it so much you begin to believe it, when you express gratitude for these dreams – that’s when the magic begins to happen.

Most of the time, we stay stuck in the past. We focus on what hasn’t worked, we focus on regrets, we focus on all the little things that add up in our mind to a life filled with negativity. That’s no way to live!

Gratitude can pull you out of the past and into the future, leaving you free to dream the biggest dreams you can and truly believe that they can become your reality.

Gratitude can pull the dreams out of the depths of your soul and into the light.

Gratitude can help you create the vision of the life you want to be living.

Gratitude can help you start to live that life right now.

When you are grateful for your dream, your vision, everything you do in life becomes colored by the feelings that live behind that dream.

When you live the feeling of your dreams, everything else begins to fall into place.

Are you ready?

We start in a week and the community is growing every day. So what are you waiting for? Click here and join us now.

Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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Expansion Experiment #1

jai yogaWe often go through our days with our eyes shut. We walk around not fully absorbing our lives. I do this, literally, in my yoga practice, My time on my mat is very spiritual and I often use it as a time for introspection.

As I focus on the word Expansion for the month of October (I’ll be talking more about this as we move through the month), I decided to stretch myself and keep my eyes open during my most recent practice. I discovered so much and I’d like to share some of it with you.

I discovered that my default is eyes closed, and I found myself back there many times. I let go of judgment and took it as an opportunity to reopen my eyes and look with a fresh view.

I discovered that I remain more present with my eyes open. I tend to ‘disappear’ in my yoga practice, flowing with my movement but not always being fully present to what I’m doing and where I am. Staying present today allowed me to have more gratitude for the space I was in and for how I was taking care of myself.

I discovered that the deep stuff comes up more quickly when I can see. In pigeon pose, with my eyes open, I learned exactly what I hold in each of my hips, and now I know what I can release. That felt amazing and very important in contrast to my usual sinking into the pose and turning my mind off completely.

I discovered that expansion is all about exploration and experimentation. In being open to a new experience, in this case that of literally keeping my eyes open, I gave myself the opportunity to see what this would feel like, and what I might learn from it. For that, I am grateful.

For so long, I’ve allowed my yoga practice to be a place where I can build strength and subconsciously invite myself to grow. By keeping my eyes open, by bringing more conscious awareness to my practice, not only did I welcome more growth, but I encouraged expansion.

I titled this post Expansion Experiment #1 because I can feel that there are more to come. I challenge you to play along.

Let’s start together today – in what ways can you begin to live your life with your eyes more open – either figuratively or literally? Share with us in the comments below.

Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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Giving Yourself Permission

give myself permission

Sometimes you just have to do it. Doesn’t matter what it is. I know there’s something you’re thinking about right now, but you’re not doing it, am I right?

You’re moving through your day with this nagging feeling of I need to…

It might not even be something that you’re dreading. It could be something that really excites you.

Here’s a little story about how this can cost you money.

A few weeks ago I took a leap. I signed up to take a trip to this magical place in Rhode Island to gather with some women who I have never met in person but who I consider to be among some of my closest friends. I signed up, I booked my hotel room, and I picked my train times. But I never booked the train.

Let me tell you, I was jumping up and down in my seat with excitement about this getaway in October (still am!), so why didn’t I book my train? I was glad to see that there were tickets that cost just $59 each way and that felt very doable to me. Finally yesterday, as I sat down my weekly note to you and do some other work, I went to Amtrak to book my tickets. Those $59 seats at the times I wanted? Gone.

Why did it take me so long? I told myself that I needed to check the times with other people, even though I knew I didn’t really have to. Yes, that’s all it was. Did I check with them before booking them yesterday? Nope! I snatched those seats before the prices went up again!

Right now, I’m giving you permission to give yourself permission to just do it.

When you dream big (which is the best way to dream after all), lots of needs and desires arise. When you give yourself permission to do what you need to do to reach your dreams, you set yourself up for inevitable success.

Setting yourself up for inevitable success can mean seemingly small steps (I am going to remember to breathe) or seemingly large steps (I am going to move and start from a fresh place), but here’s a secret – they are one in the same.

Remembering to breathe and deciding to move are just as big and just as small as one another. They are what get you from here to there. They are your next steps.

Give yourself permission to take that next step towards your dream, and I promise, you will be on the path to manifesting your empowered life. Tweet this.

Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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Can You See It? The Power of Visioning Your Baby

infinite waterI just got back from a few days at the beach. Breathing in the ocean air, watching the waves come in, go out, come in again – these things always bring me a sense of peace even amidst turmoil. They are a reminder to me of how small and yet how infinite I am. Each drop of water seems so small but if these drops could think, and each one thought, “I am nothing. I am small. I am unimportant. I do not need to be here,” their lights would dim and the ocean would cease to be.

Just as the ocean needs each drop of water to be what it is, so to do we need each little moment of our lives to make up our greater experience, and so to does the world need each of us, to be part of the infinite and amazing.

It is when thinking about the infinite and amazing and about what is possible, that visioning has played an important role in my journey.

Sometimes it’s typing; sometimes it’s writing with pen and paper.

Sometimes the vision starts small and grows; sometimes it spirals inward.

Sometimes it’s quiet; sometimes the music must be rocking my body, my soul.

Sometimes it’s movement; sometimes stillness is what I seek.

Sometimes there’s thinking; sometimes there’s just flow.

Sometimes I begin; sometimes I end.

Always, I get to where I need to be in the moment.

Visioning is about sometimes. It is about coaxing the dream out of your heart, the one that is nestled deep in there, hidden and tucked away, blanketed by fear. It is about shedding light on that dream, on loving it up, on breathing life into it.

See it.

Hear it.

Smell it.

Taste it.

Feel it.

Live it.

You have the power sweet one, to take your dreams and turn them into reality. The big ones, the small ones. All of them.

Maybe you dream of awakening your mama spirit, that part of you that yearns to create, to grow, to nourish. I was talking to a client recently about mama spirit, and she said, “I want that!” “You have it,” I assured her. She does, and so do you.

It’s time to explore, to excavate the parts of yourself that have stayed hidden for so long – the passionate pieces of your soul that are longing for fresh air to breathe.

It sounds, and it probably feels, like a long and difficult journey. Remember that there is no real destination. Now is the destination, always. You go one step at a time, piecing together all that you’ve taught yourself throughout your life, and letting your beautiful life unfold.

Let go of the how, and embrace what you most desire.

Click here to learn about an opportunity to help your vision for your mama spirit burst forth.

Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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Shining Your Light and Living Your Passion

Living your passionLast week I was reaching out to some people who I haven’t connected with in a while, and one of them was Christine Ripa Segal, host of Wake Up and Live Radio. She interviewed me back in November and I’m excited to say that I’ll be on her show again this Friday at 3pm EST

When she asked what I wanted to talk about, I didn’t have to think for long.

I wrote back to her and said, “I’d love to talk about why what you do before conception matters for increased fertility, healthy pregnancy, and a healthy baby.”

When there is something you are passionate about, there is no way to silence your voice. When you can breathe and embody your passion, such incredible shifts begin to happen.

This may apply to your work or to other areas of your life, but when you embrace your passion, you show up for yourself in a bigger and more vibrant way.

You shine. I can’t tell you how many people have told me recently how great I look and I know it’s because I’m happy and I’m following my passion.

You stress less. This is because the things that matter most come into focus and the things that have always felt like burdens to you start to melt away.

You support others. When you are taking sweet care of yourself, you have more to give and more energy to be there for those around you.

Living your life with passion sets the stage for a healthier and more empowered conception, and pregnancy experience because before you can take care of others, you must take care of yourself. Beginning to bring joy and happiness into your daily life is an important step in that process and you can start that in any moment!

I hope that you’ll tune in and listen to my conversation with Christine on Friday, and I hope that you begin to find ways to live your passion so you can shine, stress less, and support others.

Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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P.S. Click here to bookmark the page and set a reminder on your calendar so that you can tune in to Wake Up and Live on Friday.

Creating Your Vision of Mama

mainfest your dreamsManifesting.  Vision boards. Opening to receiving.


These ideas have been part of my world for quite some time now, but they are just beginning to click, to happen, to work in my life, and it feels like magic.


I do a lot of thinking in the shower (I aim for dreamy thinking, with the thoughts floating by, over the more practical thinking and to-do lists, but both happen).




The other morning I was thinking about how I would like to have some professional photos taken.  I am going to be a featured contributor for at least one website in the near future (exciting!), and I would like to shine!


When I checked my email a few hours later, I found an email from a friend asking if I’d like to be part of a photo shoot for the yoga studio she is opening soon.  Not quite the same as a headshot, but close and I have been thinking for months about how I would love to have photos of me doing yoga!




I spend a lot of time on my balcony when the weather gets nice like this, and I have recently been thinking of trying (again) to grow some food out there.  Just a few herbs and greens, the things I use most.


As it turns out, I just won an amazing edible garden from Tiny Terra Ferma so I get my greens! And, because it is a gift from a friend, I hope that gives me extra incentive not to kill the plants.  (Yes, I am skilled at killing plants).




So what does this mean for you, future mama? 


It means start manifesting, visioning, and being open to receiving.


Get clear on what you want and do not be afraid to dream big.


Know that what you need to make your dreams come true will come to you at just the right time.  It will feel like magic.


When you align yourself with your truest desires, you open to the possibilities that the world holds for you.


This means being really honest with yourself about what you want.


Find a peaceful place to sit outside with pen and paper (or art supplies, or laptop, whatever works best for you), and reach into your heart and pull out your dreams.


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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