That time when I opened an Etsy shop…

IMG_20160311_192309I have had a folder on my computer holding an idea for years. Do you know that feeling?

It has been gathering photographs that I have taken that feel particularly powerful to me, and I have been wanting to share them with the world for a while now.

Not knowing what platform to use, hesitating about buying the supplies and ordering the prints, and all the other excuses have kept me from this dream.

Until now.

Dreams work like that sometimes – they hibernate until they are ready, and then they whisper, or sometimes scream, now.

And so, the SacredBecoming shop opened this week with a few of my favorite photos. I share a bit of the story behind each one in the listings, which you can find here.

What I love about some of these photographs, and I notice this when I feel inspired to take a picture, is how powerful a single moment can be. How life altering it can be.

A peaceful moment, captured in an image, can bring you back to that sense of peace again and again.

A moment of strength can help you to call upon that strength in the times where you feel weak and vulnerable.

A spark of joy can fill your heart with love when a moment before it was filled with sadness.

And so, this next part of my journey has begun.

I invite you to explore what I’m sharing and follow the shop as I’ll be adding more photographs as well as some jewelry soon.

With Love and Gratitude,

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