The Door that Changed My Life

Choices from your pastAbout 12 years ago I walked through a door that would forever change my life.

I’d been living in a house in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia for a couple of years, half a block from a yoga studio. One day I decided I wanted to check out this yoga thing about which I knew nothing, and I signed up for a private class with the studio’s owner.

I found myself on a yoga mat feeling more connected to movement and to my body than I ever had and I knew that I had discovered something important.

By the time the 6 week beginner’s series that I signed up for ended, we had moved back out to the suburbs and I was no longer half a block from my newly found beloved yoga studio.

The next few years would find me on and off my mat. The off times came mostly with ridiculous excuses – teachers moved away, studios closed, my daughter’s bedtime changed. I used them all to pull myself away from a practice that I knew was changing me in so many ways.

I was finding my spiritual home.
I was connecting to my body.
I was creating consistency (while it lasted).
I was taking care of myself.

Over the years, the idea of yoga teacher training had crossed my mind, and I always felt drawn back to the studio where my journey had begun.

Little by little I discovered that my favorite teachers happened to have trained there, and at that point it became just a matter of when.

With my daughter in school a few days a week, the fall of 2014 was finally the right time for a journey that might feel like there’s never a right time.

I stepped into it being warned that it would be one of the best and most challenging experiences of my life. That has certainly been my truth for the last five months.

Here I am, all these years later, getting ready to walk through that same door to teach my first class to the community that first welcomed me to the path of yoga.

I am honored to continue on the path of all of those who have come before and to be there to welcome in those who walk through that door for the first time.

With Love,
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