The Ghosts of Our Psyche

IMG_20150725_094230Walking down the street on the way to teach a yoga class, I hear a song that takes me back almost 20 years.

“…only in my dreams…as real as it mean seem…”

On the streets of South Philly, coming from a radio on a man’s motorcycle, was Debbie Gibson.

I think it made my day. And I might still have my cassette tape, I’ll have to check.

This got me thinking about something I have been talking about in yoga classes recently.

We store memories so deeply. If you have seen Inside Out, you have had the pleasure of a visual explanation of part this. Our bodies, our brains, are so incredibly powerful.

Things we though were long forgotten or released come back to us in the most unexpected moments. Sometimes they take us by surprise, appearing like ghosts of the psyche.

We can work through a lot on a conscious level – talking, writing, creating our way through problems, emotions, and memories.

And yet the strongest fibers still remain, literally engrained in the tissues of our bodies, unable to be worked through and loosened in the same way.

So what do we do? Yoga.

Surrender some of this work, the work you have no conscious control over anyway, to your body. Just as you surrender the work of breathing 99.9% of the time, allow your body to release.

Sink into yoga poses and send your breath to those forgotten pockets deep within you, calling forth what is taking up space yet no longer positively serving you.

In the weeks to come, I will be sharing more about this and also sharing an exciting new offer with you. For now, breathe deeply.

With Love,
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