The Hunt for What Was There All Along

October Full MoonOn a somewhat cloudy night, we went out for a moonwalk (our first in a long while), and for quite some time, due to timing and not being in the proper place, we were enjoying the walk with the anticipation of seeing the moon and with the possibility that we might not see it.

As we turned the corner, all of a sudden, there she was in all of her brilliance.

As the moon drifted in and out of the clouds, I began to think about how we cloud our inner light. The clouds that veil our truest being are made of the fallacies that we tell ourselves and that we allow ourselves to believe when spoken by others.

We convince ourselves that these fallacies are true to the point where they take on the energy of a stone wall – something permanent and tangible, when really, they are as fleeting as the clouds.

Once we realize this truth, we can come to understand that our light is as bright as the fullest brightest moonlight and that just as the moon is always there no matter the clouds or the phase that makes it appear to be partially gone, so too is our light.

Your light never goes away. It never takes a vacation. It does not disappear. And yet you search, every day, perhaps every moment, for a way back to it.

Trust that your light is always there and harness the energy of the full moon to release, to shed, to cast aside all that clouds your brilliant light.

As the fallacies drop away, your inner light continues to shine, and you begin to see it more in your day-to-day life, not getting so lost in the hunt for what has always been right there.

With Love and Gratitude,
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