The Magic of Tradition

We had been talking about it for years. You know how that goes, right? You have an idea about something that is tugging at you, pulling you in a direction that holds the whisper of home, of sacred, and yet for some reason (often for many reasons) you resist.

Time. Money. Space. Commitment. Priorities.

We let all of these stand in the way of what we desire most.


When I was little we would go to my grandparent’s house to celebrate the holidays. Waiting under their Christmas tree were my Hanukkah presents – a blending of traditions that honored something deeper than our religious beliefs. Love. Togetherness. Peace.

In my late teen years I began going to my now father-in-law’s for Christmas. There is something magic in the air – the smell of the tree, the lights. Love. Togetherness. Peace.


The car was filled with excitement as we drove and then took a ride out to a field of trees. The pickings were slim but we knew we would find ours. We looked at this one, at that one, and then we got down on our knees and cut our tree.

tree cuttingThere was joy.


The lights are on every chance we get and we have a sweet collection of ornaments. There is something that fills my soul with this tree inside our home.

It is not about a holiday or even a season so much as it is about a feeling, or three.

Love. Togetherness. Peace.


We grow up with traditions, some of which stay with us and continue to offer a balm to our souls, some fade away (to be returned to later, or not), and some transform and become what we need them to be now.

I have lost traditions over the years and the loss makes my heart ache (Passover seders with dozens of cousins comes to mind). Instead of staying stuck in the heartache, I weave for myself and my family new traditions. Our traditions.


Maybe one day when my daughter is grown up she will remember the traditions of her childhood as she begins to form her own. My wish for her in whatever she finds is tradition steeped in what matters most. Love. Togetherness. Peace.

And I wish the same for you.

What are some of your most sacred traditions? Share below in the comments as a way to inspire others.

With Love and Gratitude,

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