The Old Friend and the Stranger

The ocean stretches forward to kiss my toes.

Old friends and strangers at the same time.

The water that reaches the shore has never touched before that moment.

Those toes have traveled far and wide since the last visit and the being inside is an altogether different iteration of me.

Me. This idea of self that we carry as if we are ever one and unchanging.

You are as many as the drops in the ocean.
You change as frequently as the water that rises and crashes to the shore.

So why do you continue to berate yourself for who you are? Why do you come again and again with judgement and criticism?

Can you fill that space with the love you find when you look out at the vast water in amazement?

Can you find amazement for your being, for this moment of self?

The ocean. We return again and again to its shores and see it for what it is as a whole – the ocean.

And yet, every piece of that ocean is something new. Each drop of water. Each creature that calls it home.

And you. Sweet you.

You return again and again and see yourself as this whole. Yet you overlook all the strength your past has given you. You lose sight of the parts of you that have grown and flourished and become.

Cherish yourself as sacred and magnificent just like the ocean. For you are.

Be the old friend and stranger at the same time. Dancing beautifully the line between all that has been and all that is yet to come.

With Love,
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