The Power of the Full Moon as Catalyst for Change


Amy Gill Moon Rising

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The power of last night’s full moon was incredibly intense for me.  I could feel the shift into my power, into my ability to create change in my life.  I recognized clearly that I am the one who has the ability to let go of the pieces of the past that are holding me back, and that I am in control with what I do with my future.

This may seem like a simple message but it is one that we often miss, or that we often have difficulty integrating into our lives.

One area that you may feel wildly out of control but where you really hold so much control is in the ability to have an empowered, healthy, and joyful experience with conception and pregnancy.

I had such a blast on the free call Wednesday night.  We talked about the importance of preparing yourself before you conceive, what you can do right now and the importance of support as you reach for your dreams.

There was a wonderful group of women on the call and I realized that I wanted to give more women the chance to learn about this amazing time.  Take a look at the highlights of the call below, and if you want to learn more, hear the Q&A from the call, and get access to a special offer worth $50 (expires April 26th at midnight), click here.

 Why Preparing for Pregnancy Prior to Conception is Important

  • By the time you find out, you are usually at least 2 or 3 weeks pregnant.  During those few weeks, some seriously important development is happening with your baby. Your actions and what you put in, on and around your baby durng those early weeks and prior to conception can reduce the risk of developmental complications.
  • Building up your nutrient stores prior to conception (making sure you don’t have any significant deficiencies) can help ease your fears if you experience morning sickness because your baby will pull from the nutrients that you are storing.
  • According to a recent article published in the Journal of Women’s Health, “preconception care can modify behavioral and medical risk factors known to impact pregnancy outcomes.”

The 3 Steps to Building the Best First Home for Your Baby

  • Awareness – This is where I always start with my clients, because without it, you’ve got nothing.  I always stress this point – you can’t feel guilty about what you didn’t know.  We are all learning more every day but it does us no good to stay stuck in the past.  Bringing awareness to all aspects of your life is always the first step.  See the Awareness Exercise handout for more on this.
  • Action – Awareness without action won’t get you very far. It might stress you out a great deal, but it might not make a significant positive impact on your life.  Once you become aware you can start taking action to create shifts that make you feel more aligned with the life you want to be living. These can start small and don’t need to feel overwhelming.
  • Accountability – On your own, no matter how inspired you may be, taking consistent and long-term action to reach your goals is going to be difficult without some accountability and support.  This is because we tend to like our comfort zone, and we tend to fall back into repeating the same patterns that have kept us stuck for years, sometimes decades.  Sometimes what you need is someone to encourage your progress and to kick you into gear when you start slipping back into your old patterns.

How You Can Step Into the Role of Mama Right Now

  • Start implementing awareness, action, and accountability in your daily life.

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