The Struggle is the Key to Transformation

butterflyIn life, we must sometimes embrace the struggle as the path to transformation.

Feeling the struggle, and staying with that feeling instead of running away from it, from ourselves, allows us to feel unshackled by layers and allows us to see what we value more clearly.

From that place we make a choice – to go back and try to recreate what it feels we have lost or to move forward, allowing ourselves the permission to iterate and grow.

It is not easy.

It may be painful.

We must not shy away from the pain, from the sensation, because that is our sacred becoming.

Transformation does not simply happen because we wish it. We must struggle, we must fight, we must work hard.

One of my teachers recently shared a story about how butterflies get their strength to fly. An experiment was done where butterfly cocoons were gently cut open -the butterflies could not fly. It is in the struggle where we find our strength. They must push and squirm and want it badly enough to break through to the other side of becoming. Then they get to fly – then there are endless possibilities.

So too must we struggle and squirm and decide how badly we want it, whatever it may be. Through the struggle and nakedness we find our strength, and then we get to fly….

With Love and Gratitude,


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