Turning Stressful into Sweet

One life lesson that I’ve been reminded of as a parent is that I am not always as in control of my plans as I want to be. This past Sunday morning was a perfect example. Mornings have become my time – time for me, and time to get some stuff done. Chloe’s a bit of a night owl, so she usually sleeps until somewhere between 9 and 10. The hours between 6 and 9 are my golden time. I’m able to wake up and enjoy a mug of lemon water and loose tea as the sun starts to brighten the day. I’m able to check a few things off of my to-do list early on, and I love this. I cherish this time.


This past Sunday, likely due to teething, Chloe didn’t abide by her normal “schedule.” She had gone to bed late, but woke up early – 7am early. Feeling the need at least for my tea and some breakfast, I asked Jon to come rest on the couch so she could play and I could have a little bit of much needed me time.


I made my tea, brought a chair into my freshly cleaned kitchen, and opened a special email to read. I just wanted 5 minutes. When I was getting ready to take my first sip of tea, as if on cue, Chloe ran into the kitchen and wanted to come up on my lap.


My first thought was, oh Chloe, I just want 5 minutes. I know I can’t get what I wanted to done this morning, but can’t I have this at least? And then something happened – I had a mental shift. I pulled her up onto my lap so she could nurse, I sipped my tea, and I read the email that I was looking forward to. When I was finished with the email, I turned my attention back to her and shared the time with her.


I did need the “me time”, and I got it – in fact, I got something even better. I got to share that me time with one of my favorite people in the world. I was able to shift from a place of stress to a place of sweet, and it set the tone for my day.


I hope to be able to carry this forward in my life, though I know it takes practice. When you can find the joy and happiness amidst the stress, life can really be quite beautiful.


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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One thought on “Turning Stressful into Sweet

  1. Ruth H.

    This is so somethin we all, as moms or just as individuals need to learn! If we cherrish the moments for ourselves as well as with and for our loved ones, the returns are boundless! Thanks, Xandra!


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