What I Wish I Had Known When I Was Preparing for Pregnancy

meditateHave you ever thought about doing something for a really long time, but you keep putting it off again and again, and you are not even sure why?


When you finally make the commitment and make it happen, do you think, WOW, why didn’t I do that for myself sooner?


This has happened to me many times (it happened again recently as I made my way back to yoga).


It is wonderful when you finally take the step you have been meaning to take, but it can also lead to regret, to feeling like you wasted time.


I do not want you to feel that way.


I want you to feel like you are doing all you can to live the life of your dreams.


I want you to feel empowered to start taking care of yourself and your future baby right now because you can.


I want you to discover what it feels like to overcome your fears and live from a place of joy.


I spent a year and a half of my life in that “I Want One” phase, and a lot of it was really painful for me.


In the beginning, I was excited and ready to dive in and prepare myself in any way I can.  After a bit, when I realized that we were not going to start trying for quite some time, I fell into a place of despair.


I blamed myself for not being able to go after my dreams because of the job I had at the time.


I even got to a point where seeing babies went from elating to heartbreaking.


What I realized when I eventually dove back into preparing myself for pregnancy (6 months before we started trying to conceive), was that I could have been doing this all along.


I needed the space to process where I was in my life, but I gave myself a much shorter window to make some major shifts in my life, and the pressure of that stressed me out even more.


If I could go back and do something differently, I would seek support instead of just wondering why there did not seem to be any.


I would have seen my body as I do now – as a magical vessel for life and joy.


I would have reached out my hand to anyone who might have been able to support me.


These changes, these shifts, all come in their own time.  I recognize that it was part of my journey to have the experiences that I did, at the times that I did.


As a mama who has been there, I encourage you to reach out your hand for support, find your community, and do all you can to get to the place of living from an empowered and joyful place as soon as you can.


Why?  Because it is beautiful here.


If you are ready to join us, you can do so here.


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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