What Is Life Without Intention?

IMG_20150828_165559We breathe all the time without ever having to think about it. When I find myself busy and on the edge of overwhelm, I am so grateful for my body’s ability to breathe without needing anything active from me, and yet those are also the times when I most actively bring attention to my breath.

In yoga, we link movement and breath. We give ourselves the time and space to deepen our breath, bring ourselves into shapes that sends the breath to those forgotten spaces within us that most crave it because they are most deprived.

In yoga, we breathe with intention.


What does it mean to breathe, to do anything, without intention? It is certainly how we live most of our lives.

We wake up, go through the motions of getting ready for the day, maybe do the same general things each day before collapsing into bed exhausted each night.

Is that living? Is yoga without breathing yoga?

Intention is a beautiful and simple way to create rhythm and ritual in your life.

Intention allows you to ground yourself which gives deeper roots to the practice that you create for yourself.

In Creating Your Practice, you will take the time to explore your intention for our time together and for your practice. You will learn the different forms intention can take, how it can hinder you, and how it can open up your practice.

Simple. Empowering. And we begin with the new moon.

For $27, which is about the cost of two yoga classes, you can jump start your home or studio practice, infusing it with fresh energy.

Are you ready?

With Love,
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