What’s Your Vision?

i want a babyYou can see yourself as a mama.


If you close your eyes,

you can see your belly growing,

you can feel your baby in your arms,

you can see your smile as you watch your child grow and blossom.




You can see where you want to be before you get there —


Incorporating movement with joy


Making healthful and delicious food choices


Not feeling stuck in the same negative patterns that have guided you, perhaps for decades


Living in a clean, healthy, and toxin free environment


Finding time to take care of yourself and finding peace instead of stress


Feeling happy – with your job, your relationships, your life


Knowing that you have done what you can to give your baby the most wonderful beginning.


You create the vision, and then you find the road map that will lead you there.


Along the way, you learn to reshape your vision because well, life never goes quite as you plan.


You release the tension, the struggle.


You open up to possibility, to ease.


You awaken your mama spirit right here, right now, and start living your dream.


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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