When Simple Solutions Are Best

I have been playing with the format of 108 word poems and decided that today, a sick day over here, would be a great time to share one of them with you. Sometimes we have to roll with what life hands us and find simple solutions, and today this is mine. I hope you enjoy.

To fill my time, my space
With words, with writing
Feels like letting my soul
Escape the confines of my body
And touch the air

To recognize that I have the power
To spend my time as I desire
Gives me power in a life
That so often leaves me feeling
Powerless to the world around me

Finding my way
Through my thoughts
Sifting to find the words
Shaping them to teach me
To remind me of what I know

And as the sands of time
Wind down for the day
I find myself drawn back here
To fingers typing away
To words pouring forth

I am home.