Why 21 Days of Soulful Living is Just What You Need

On Saturday, we start 21 Days of Soulful Living.

21 Days of Soulful Living is inspiration, recipes, writing prompts, homemade gift ideas and projects to connect you to your inner spirit.


We’re going to play with the themes of simplicity, gratitude, and connection, and they will help us find more ease through this holiday season.
Slowly, with ease, we slip into simplicity.


You’ll take a break from the stress and overwhelm to create a little ritual in your life.

This will keep you grounded amidst all the crazy running around that the month of December brings.


You’ll learn how to clear the clutter in your life – both the mental and the physical, in ways that don’t take much time or money.

This will help you create sacred space in your home, bringing more joy and happiness to your entire family.


You’ll get inspired for simple gifts that loved ones will truly appreciate.

This will take the stress and anxiety away from holiday shopping.


Cultivating simplicity in your life is magical, and it is the foundation for soulful living.


When you hold onto simplicity and magnify it with gratitude the joy in your world expands.


You’ll focus on what you’re grateful for in your life, both the good and the bad, by creating a gratitude list.

This will help you stay connected to what you value most even when things seem out of control.


You’ll create something special from this list, and from the list of others, that will make heartfelt decorations and gifts for the holiday season. (this is going to be so much fun!)

This will allow to you shift the idea of giving away from something that’s expected to something that’s filled with love.


As you bring focus to gratitude in your life, you connect on a deeper level with the world around you.


You’ll be guided through writing prompts that help you feel more deeply connected to your authentic self.

This will help you start 2013 on the right track, because you’ll know where you want to be going.


You’ll discover new ways to connect with those you love, so you can create deeper connection in the relationships that matter most to you.

This will strengthen your community and world and allow you to bring those that you love together in joyful and peaceful ways.


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Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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