Why I Go to the Water

Sometimes we have no choice but to be around people when all we want to do is retreat into solitude.

Sometimes we have no choice but to celebrate outwardly when we are crying inside.

Sometimes we have no choice but to keep living when we feel like inside a part of us is dying.

These moments arise for all sorts of reasons – the loss of a loved one, the struggle with fertility, a fight with your partner or a bad day at work.

i go to the waterHere are five things I do to reset. I’d love to hear yours, and together we can create a list of ways to lift ourselves up, and remember that we are never alone.

one – go to the water. watching the water is a meditation for me. listening as it moves along, reminds me that i can move with the flow, regardless of the obstacles i may encounter.

two – move my body. yoga or some living room dancing to break up the tension in my body and allow the energy to flow freely again.

three – write it out. always when i let the words form, thoughts jumping from one to the next to the next, i feel a shift and gain a fresh perspective.

four – clear the clutter. i clean and move furniture with abandon when i am working through emotions. i give myself a fresh start.

five – cry. i cleanse myself with my own salt water, releasing the energy and allowing myself to feel, to really feel, whatever it is i need to.

And you? I welcome your comments below with your own ways to reset.

With Love and Gratitude,
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