Why Simplicity is Important for Fertility

If you spend time searching around on the internet, which I am sure you do, you are likely overwhelmed by all of the information out there about fertility, conception, healthy pregnancy and childbirth.


There is so much information that sometimes the only thing you can do is tune it all out, go back to living in your comfort zone (which includes the stress, anxiety, and old habits that you know you want to ditch), and hope for the best.


I’m here to tell you that there is another way to go.


Simplicity.  Baby steps.  Taking things one at a time and creating your own path.


Why is this so important?


When you feel as if you have tried everything under the sun (or you feel like you have to try it all), it can be exhausting.


When you get exhausted, your body is just that – it is tired, and it needs rest, not creation.


7 Steps to Increased Fertility is all about simplicity and focus.


I teach you in a very gentle way about some things that are important for increasing fertility that you may not have thought about yet.


You might be asking yourself, isn’t this just more information to take in?


Sort of, but not really.  Each day, I share with you a simple step, a place you can bring more awareness to, and space for you to discover if this is an important piece for your journey.


If it is, you can start to bring more attention and action there.  If not, you will focus on what feels right for you.


I am rebuilding my gut right now, and I am seeing in action how bringing awareness to certain areas of one’s life can be the catalyst for change.


What you once thought was impossible, suddenly sneaks into your routine.


You begin to feel better, more energized, more in control, and more empowered.


How does that sound to you?


The first email goes out Saturday night and we start exploring the steps on Sunday.


Will you join us for this next part of your journey?


You can register here (and yes, I am really offering this for free!)


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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