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My yoga philosophy is centered on helping you realize that you are a sacred vessel. When you come to your mat, you enter a sacred space and time with yourself. Through your practice, you link breath and movement, and you begin to dive deeper and connect with your intuitive nature. The unwavering light that shines at your core finds a path out into the world, and you come away feeling centered and more alive.

Private and Semi-Private Yoga:

Vinyasa, Yin, Prenatal

60 minute sessions in your home (if there is a need to rent a space, that can be arranged for an additional charge)

$60 for single session

semi-private pricing
2 – 4 people $75
5+ people $20 each

6 Week Beginner Series also available for individuals or small groups.

Individual: $350

2-4 people: $425

5+ people: $100 per person

Email to schedule semi-private or beginner series.

Yoga Coaching:

The practice of yoga has an inevitable ebb and flow. If you’re hoping to make it to your mat for the first time or to return to it and something is getting you stuck, this 60 minute session (plus an email follow up 2 weeks later) is perfect for you. Together we’ll uncover what’s blocking you and make a plan to get you to your mat. 60 minutes, $54.

What Others are Saying:

It was such a treat to have Xandra come to our home and lead us in a soothing, soul-enlivening, and nourishing yin yoga class. The stretches were exactly what our bodies needed and her readings during the class grounded us throughout it. She is absolutely and completely gifted at this – she brings a level of magic to yoga that I never experienced before. – Jordana

Xandra’s teaching style is intentional and generous. She comes to class with an open heart and creates a very inclusive and loving space. – Adina

Working with Xandra was literally a breath of fresh air. I am super picky when it comes to my yoga instructors but this experience was absolutely wonderful. She incorporated this beautiful poem into our work and it soothed my soul. ┬áThank you so much for this lovely experience! – Gena

Xandra’s class is infused with her beautiful gentle spirit along with a succinctly crafted asana practice. Her words and her sweet presence allow you to truly drop into a space of deep self reflection and contemplation. – Erica

Xandra is a teacher who exudes warmth, spirituality, and heartfelt care for her students–her warmth is infectious and as a fellow yoga teacher I’ve learned that there is no way of faking this genuine character and integrity in your teaching–Xandra has not only the Skill you want to find in a yoga teacher , but the HEART that many yoga teachers are lacking. – Jennifer


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  1. maria De Orta

    2924 SPEAR AVE

    Hi, Xandra, my name is Maria, and . I signed with Sheila online self care workshop. Sandra, I watched your interview with Sheila, I know Sheila for some time now We taught at the same school, and we carpool to our job for several month.. I love Sheila and her family very much and listen to her in your interview made me want a private lesson with you, How can we arrange that,? Thank you, Maria

    1. Xandra Post author


      I sent you an email a few weeks ago in response to this. I’d love to connect! You can email me, xandra dot oneill at gmail dot com

      I look forward to talking soon!


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