“You’re So Not Almost Ready For A Baby, Even If You Think You Are”

“You’re So Not Almost Ready For A Baby, Even If You Think You Are”


This was the title of a recent article written by Tracy Moore on Jezebel.com


It’s an entertaining piece that raises the question, are you ever ready?  Can you ever prepare for the life shift of becoming a parent?


She goes on to share a comedic list of how to prepare yourself over the course of a year prior to conception.  And here’s where I light up and totally agree with her (though in a completely different vain).  Here, she speaks to an idea that very few people seem to be talking about – what to do before you conceive.


A friend recently said to me, “Yeah, because I have no idea what sorts of things you’re supposed to do before you get pregnant…I know about folate, but that’s it.”


You could certainly sit down and write a list of a million things that you think you need to do before you conceive to have a healthy and joyful pregnancy.  That could include, as Tracy mentions, a “Baby Bucket List,” of all the things you want to do before baby arrives.  You could start to notice, as I did, that you are so not where you want to be with your health, lifestyle, finances, location…. This list can go on and on, and you can start to tackle these things.


But here’s what happens – we get stuck.  Really stuck.  And often when we get stuck mentally, our bodies do the same.


So now you’re here:


  • Ready to have a baby, you can feel it in your bones


  • Terrifed of having a baby because you’ve convinced yourself that you’re not prepared


  • Uncertain and untrusting of your body and it’s ability


Then you make your body stuck, you convince it that it’s not ready, and then conception does not feel quick and easy.


Here’s a secret I’ve got to share with you that I learned along the way – it can be so much simpler.


And do you want to know another secret?  What you need to do before you conceive, just a few shifts and not a mile-long list, is what will get you through conception, pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, and even that next round of “I want one.”


I am so excited to share with you the building blocks for creating a strong foundation for an awakened mama spirit that will guide you through pregnancy, into motherhood, and along your journey wherever it takes you.


So, are you ready? Let’s chat.


If you want to check out Tracy Moore’s article, you can read it here.


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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