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Why We Practice Sacred Ritual

Ritual ImageAs you begin to rewrite your stories, to shape your future, to step into your sacred becoming, you can often feel uprooted and ungrounded. Everything around you can feel as if it is changing all at once and that can leave you feeling out of control.

These are the moments that show the importance of ritual.

If nothing else, ritual can give you a place to land, an opportunity to catch your breath, a reminder that there is some steady ground underfoot.

When you look back over history, you see rituals during times of transition all the way from birth to death.

To me, Sacred Ritual is about calling forth the rituals that ground you, that bring deeper meaning to your days, that allow you to have a connection that feels like home when the world is swirling around you.

Knowing that each morning, with rare exception, I begin my day with morning pages and lemon water, gives me at least something each day that I can count on, that can make me feel sacred, that allows me to take deep care of my needs.

Knowing that when I feel stuck and overwhelmed I have rituals I can turn to that have pulled me out of a funk before, I am reminded that this moment is just another part of the cycle and it will ease.

Knowing that when I can feel myself stepping into a new iteration and the fear and doubt begins to creep in, I can turn to my rituals to guide and reassure me.

Knowing that when something must come to an end – a project, a situation, a life, I have a place to rest in comfort and to rebuild that feels like home to my soul.

We practice Sacred Ritual Everyday so that the loops life throws at us don’t unhinge us quite so much.

We practice Sacred Ritual Everyday so that we can gel the rhythm and flow and be guided back more quickly when we fall off course.

We practice Sacred Ritual Everyday so that we are reminded constantly that we are sacred vessels, that this journey is powerful though not always easy, that there is a cycle and a flow to all of it.

That time when I opened an Etsy shop…

IMG_20160311_192309I have had a folder on my computer holding an idea for years. Do you know that feeling?

It has been gathering photographs that I have taken that feel particularly powerful to me, and I have been wanting to share them with the world for a while now.

Not knowing what platform to use, hesitating about buying the supplies and ordering the prints, and all the other excuses have kept me from this dream.

Until now.

Dreams work like that sometimes – they hibernate until they are ready, and then they whisper, or sometimes scream, now.

And so, the SacredBecoming shop opened this week with a few of my favorite photos. I share a bit of the story behind each one in the listings, which you can find here.

What I love about some of these photographs, and I notice this when I feel inspired to take a picture, is how powerful a single moment can be. How life altering it can be.

A peaceful moment, captured in an image, can bring you back to that sense of peace again and again.

A moment of strength can help you to call upon that strength in the times where you feel weak and vulnerable.

A spark of joy can fill your heart with love when a moment before it was filled with sadness.

And so, this next part of my journey has begun.

I invite you to explore what I’m sharing and follow the shop as I’ll be adding more photographs as well as some jewelry soon.

With Love and Gratitude,

These are the Sacred Rituals that Ground my Day

I do my best to stay technology free.

Sometimes I can’t wait to check my note from the Universe and daily Truthbomb

Morning pages happen with these pencils and this journal (almost always)

Lemon water in a favorite mug. Here’s one I have my eye on (because like books, I believe you can never have too many mugs).

Probiotics and breakfast, which varies depending on what my body asks for (often it’s this).

I check my planner to see what needs to get done first.

After I bring Chloe to school, I choose some music (this is my current favorite song), and dive in.

In what sacred ways do you begin each day? I’d love for you to share in the comments here or in the Sacred Becoming Sanctuary.

With Love and Gratitude,
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Things Take the Time They Take

things take the time they takeI was 17 when I met my husband and I was not seeking a husband, or love, or even a relationship. And yet there I was, at his house for a party on the 4th of July, discovering that we had many mutual friends, and laughing, laughing, laughing.

After that night, we starting spending time together often, and without even trying or realizing, found ourselves still spending time together as weeks, months, and eventually years went by.

This is how it happens.

Sometimes we have to put the dream down, let it rest (or maybe be not even know yet that we have it) and we have to follow the flow of where life leads us. That night, life led me to his house.

We have to trust that the timing is not in our control, that the circumstances might not look like what we expected or thought we desired, and that if our heart and eyes remain open, love will always guide us on this journey.

This will not always feel easy, and that is okay.

Sometimes it will feel downright painful.

It might make you feel broken – you are not.

It might make you feel lost – look closely and you will find your way.

It might make you feel like giving up the dream – instead, release it to the trust and love of the Universe.

The seeds have been planted in your heart.

You can plant a seed in a garden but you are not the one responsible for the wind, the rain, and the condition of the soil.

Of course you can help by protecting the seed as best you can from the wind, watering it when the rain does not come, and adding necessary nutrients to the soil.

And then you have to release, trusting that if the seed is meant to take root and grow, then it will.

Mary Oliver wrote, “things take the time they take.”

The work, the bravery, is in giving them the space to do so.

With Love and Gratitude,
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Feeling the Extremes to Find Center

Lao Tzu quote image

This Is the heart of what she was trying to teach us. As we settled in, she let us know that this class would be different than the others. She would teach us a sequence and then we would be on our own to move with the flow of our own energy.

Do not worry about remembering the sequence. Be guided by your body, by how you feel.

And so we began. She led us through the first sequence and then handed the practice over to us. I felt almost immediately frustrated. I tried to remember. I questioned if I was doing it ‘right’ and I got so lost in my head. All of those things she had given us permission to let go of, I held onto tightly.

The tears that had been burning in my eyes all morning returned and I was deeply grateful when the time came to rest in pigeon pose.

The next time, I went immediately to child’s pose, giving my mind the break, and that’s when the tears began pouring out of me. I could feel that my body needed to move. I could feel that without the distraction of movement the emotion and tears flowed like a river. I felt stormy inside my belly.

I had found two extremes. I found movement that ignited frustration and anxiety. I found stillness that made me feel antsy and soaked in tears.

Sometimes we need to feel the extremes to find the Tao, or the Way.

In our final sequence, I gave myself the permission she had been giving us all along. I gave myself the permission Lao Tzu had given me when he said, “let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”

I knew I needed to move my body. I knew I needed simplicity of movement.

I flowed through sun salutations, following my breath, reaching my heart forward, and tucking it back inside, until she guided us to come back to downward dog and then to rest.

She had said before we began that all the waves of the ocean are different, and together they make up the ocean. She likened watching us to this same image, sharing how powerful it was to see our bodies all guided to moving in the way that felt natural for us.

When we tear down the wall of resistance, when we give ourselves the permission to flow with our needs and desires, we not only perhaps catch a glimpse of the Tao, we catch a glimpse of the home that resides within.

With Love and Gratitude,
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Sometimes You Have to Wipe the Slate Clean

I came home from teaching yoga and knew I would have the house to myself for a while.

I took off my shoes and coat, and told myself that I would get around to putting some music on at some point.

I decided to work from wall to window, starting with the wall unit that sits between our front door and our bedroom door. It is my view from my desk and when I walked in that day, it was a mess. There was clutter filling the shelves (old batteries, twinkle lights that didn’t work, buttons and paperclips and old light bulbs, papers ready to be recycled, a few things I had been looking for).

I took everything off. Emptied the shelves. Made space for possibility.

That’s what we do when we remove the clutter. We make space for possibility.

To see what I wanted to place on those shelves with intention, I needed everything to go, even what I knew would come back.

I cleaned the shelves and then with care began to rebuild the space into a sacred alter.

I found a home for my new piece of amethyst, one of my #33gifts during this month of celebrating my birthday.

amethyst altar

I found a home for my new buddha (another gift to myself).

story altar

I created a shelf for love…

love altar

And a shelf honoring our cats…

cat altar

I burned incense and stepped back every once in a while, moving over to my desk, to see what needed to be shifted.

Some items came off of my desk alter and moved to the wall, some items from the wall came over to my desk.

It was this beautiful dance.

In what seemed like an instant, four hours had passed, the music had never gotten turned on, and I realized that my thoughts never wandered. I never got lost in the things I had to do or what was happening later that day.

In the space where we live now, shifting furniture around doesn’t always come easily, and that’s how I used to shift my energy. What I learned the other day was that I can shift the energy with sacred intention.

The wall until is just the beginning. Our home will be our alter. Our home will be our sacred space.

We’ll shed the clutter, the layers, and open ourselves to possibility….

With Love and Gratitude,
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Healthy Mama Tips

As I was looking through old posts, I found this one hanging out in drafts. Who knows why I never published it. Maybe I was going to add more to it or I got distracted by something. I decided to share it now because the advice is solid and maybe it’s just what you’re looking for today.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind.  They are applicable to everyone at any point in time, but especially relevant to those of you who are on the journey to mamahood.

Preconception: Keep it slow and simple.  Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed like I did by all the changes you want to make before you get pregnant.  Start making some shifts in the way you think and approach food and wellness and let things happen at a natural pace.  If you know you need to be drinking more water, start there because it is so easy to do but it will have an amazing impact on your energy and overall health very quickly.  Set a few simple goals and get yourself comfortable with the mindset that change is a process, not an overnight event.

Pregnancy: Relax. With the anticipation of the responsibility of parenthood and the fears that inevitably come with that, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious during pregnancy. Remind yourself that you are doing the best you can for your baby, and that is perfect.  Take control of the things that you can (such as eating habits, what products you use, etc) and start to let go of the rest.  We can’t protect our children from everything in the world, and we’ll drive ourselves crazy if we try.  Knowing that staying calm will help you best care for your baby is great motivation to relax.

Postpartum: Accept help. This time of year often finds us surrounded by family and friends.  This can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you are exhausted but you can use it to your advantage.  Let others take care of the baby so you can get a plate of food, catch up with people you haven’t seen for a while, or even sneak away for a quick nap.  Let friends and family support you with these moments for yourself, and try to release control and worry for these pockets of time, however brief they may be.


Joy is…

Friday morning funHere’s a little something from my heart to yours on this wonderful rainy Friday


Joy is…


Waking up with the ones I love most


Being able to clean up Chloe’s toys in less than 10 minutes


Discovering the beauty of space that was hidden by unnecessary “stuff”


Walking into a clean kitchen, inviting me to create in health and happiness


Being okay with not being perfect


Following my heart, my passions, my dreams


Learning about the world from Chloe as much, if not more, than she learns from me


Sipping tea in the morning as I look out at the trees from our balcony


Finding stillness amidst chaos


Anything that happens on my yoga mat


Feeling love love love from those in my life

What is Joy for you?


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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Birth Story – a documentary

Ina May documentary


I wanted to share this trailer with you because it is up to us to help get the word out there about what a birth experience can be.


I strongly believe in the right for women to be empowered and knowledgeable when making decisions about their bodies and their babies.  A big part of that is making sure that they have access to information that is, for some, harder to find.


This is not a statement of the “right way” to birth a baby – every way is the right way if the mama feels supported and empowered.


I hope you enjoy the trailer and support the project if you feel so moved.



Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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Breathe in the fresh air. Soak in the sun. Open up to happiness.

Sacred outdoor spaceWhen I go to bed feeling like I’ve had a particularly crummy day, there’s something that’s usually true – I didn’t get outside that day.


Even with my balcony right there, some days I just can’t seem to get myself outside.  I wake up with Chloe, get her ready to go out with one of her grandmothers, dig into my work and before I know it she’s back, and it’s dinner and bedtime.  She’s had a great day, exploring at the playground, in the garden, on a walk.  I’m feeling drained by all the time spent at my computer breathing in stale toxic air.


We recently cleaned up our balcony and the shift was amazing.  As I write this, I’m sitting at my favorite desk.  I ate lunch here, made a phone call here.  I have an amazing view of the trees and I feel so energized when I get myself through the door and out into the world.


If you’re looking for some super simple self care for the summer, here it is – spend some time outside.


Find a space by your home, your work, or wherever you spend a lot of time and make sure that you can get outside, even if it’s just for a few minutes.


Soaking up some sunshine is the best way to get vitamin D and it can boost your mood and energy level as well.  If you’re feeling down, pick yourself up off the couch and sit outside for a few minutes, or better yet, go for a short walk.


What are your favorite ways to energize and explore outside?  I’d love to hear, so please share here or over in the Sacred Becoming Sanctuary.


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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