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Need to Feed Your Kids Some Greens?

Eat your greens!I recently had a friend ask for ideas for creative ways to get her 8-year-old son to eat more greens.  I responded to the Facebook post with an idea and I hit send.  Then another idea popped into my head and I hit send. Then another, and another, and I started to think, wow, I’m really on a roll here.  I thought maybe there are some other mamas out there who are looking to get creative in the kitchen with their kids too, so here are some of our favorite ways to eat greens around here.


  • Make it fun and get your kids involved – when they can play an active role in putting the food together, from picking the ingredients to mixing, ripping, and pushing the buttons on the blender or juicer, they’re much more likely to want to try what they’ve created!
  • Green smoothies – I’ve talked about them a lot, but they are really such a great way to get the greens in and you can keep it really simple like one of Chloe’s first smoothies.
  • Perhaps the most addictive snack in my arsenal these days – kale chips! They can be made with any greens, seasoned with whatever you like best, and they make a great snack on the go. I can eat a whole bunch of kale this way in no time!
  • Collard wraps – this is a great one to get them involved in too.  You can put out a few different spreads and a nice variety of fruits and veggies and let them pick what they want to include.  Roll them like a burrito and you’ve got a delicious and nutritious meal!
  • Blend some greens into pasta sauce or make pesto and you’ve got a happy kid chowing down on their greens.

Enjoy your greens!


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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Pick-Me-Up Smoothie

Despite the beautiful weather today, Chloe and I have been feeding off of each other’s funky energy and it’s been a rocky day.  Watching Ponyo, eating whole wheat cous cous, a banana and some smoothie finally got her to a happier place, so I decided to take care of myself in similar fashion.

I took what I had in my kitchen and put together a satisfying and yummy smoothie!


healthy smoothieHere’s what’s in today’s creation:

Approx. 1/2 cup of filtered water

Approx. 1/2 cup of whole fat yogurt

1 small banana

1 apple

1/2 peach

5 frozen strawberries

2 tbs chia seeds

1 tbs coconut cream

2 scoops of Tera’s Whey chocolate protein powder


What’s your favorite healthy way to pull yourself out of a funk?


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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Oh the Strawberries!

chloe drinking juiceStrawberries have such a short season so I stocked up at the farmer’s market yesterday and froze about 6 quarts!  Perfect for smoothies.

While I was cutting the tops off of the strawberries, Chloe brought me a part of the juicer (a safe part, don’t worry!) and said make juice!

While the thought of strawberry-cucumber juice sounded amazingly refreshing, we didn’t have any cucumbers on hand, but we did have a granny smith apple.

1 juicer + 1 granny smith apple + 10 farm fresh strawberries = deliciously sweet juice and a fun morning activity!

What’s your favorite way to enjoy strawberries?

Peace, Love, and Wellness,


Meeting Yourself Where You Are and Letting Go of Perfection


I just ate a really yummy cupcake.  It was triple chocolate.  It was a mini cupcake, the perfect size.  There was a time when what I would be feeling right now was guilt, despair that I wasn’t really eating as well as I wanted to  – how did I get lured into that sugary chocolaty treat when I knew I didn’t really want it?


But here’s the secret, I did really want it this time.  It wasn’t sitting there as a decoy when I wanted an actual meal.  It wasn’t an impulse decision.  I decided last night that I wanted to eat it today, and when I was ready I enjoyed it – every last bite.


There are a few reasons why I’m totally fine with my decision to eat a yummy treat on occasion, guilt free, and I want to share them with you.  This is especially crucial during pregnancy because you’re going to crave things, possibly things that your mind is telling you aren’t that healthy.  So, here’s how I have come to be able to have my cake and eat it too.


  • I eat well most of the time.  If you followed me around for a week and paid attention to what I eat, you wouldn’t see cupcakes and cookies and candy every day, or even most days.  I nourish myself with water, greens, whole grains, an assortment of colorful fruits and veggies, and amazingly delicious sources of protein and healthy fat.  When I’m feeling well fed, I can treat myself to a little soulfood too.
  • I’ve trained my body to lose its sweet tooth.  To some extent, this happened without me trying and I think it was a result of way too much sugar when I was younger.  Cravings come from an underlying need that your body has, and when you feed it well, the cravings, including those for sweets, diminish.
  • I do what brings me joy.  This isn’t to say that I sit and binge eat chocolate because chocolate brings me joy.  Indulging in what I know is a special treat, makes me feel like I am taking care of my needs and myself.  Eating healthfully brings me tons of joy (and energy, clarity, health and so much more).


Here’s another funny little story about my sweet tooth.  When I was pregnant, I had two major cravings – pineapple, and Sour Patch Kids.  There was a week where I could not get enough pineapple, and I let myself eat it.  I figured that my body knew what I needed most, and I trusted it.


The night I told my husband that I wanted Sour Patch Kids, he turned to me and said, “No you don’t.”  I insisted that I deserved them because I was eating really well and it was okay to be a little bit off track.  I bought the big bag (it made more sense financially), and I didn’t open it for a week.  It took me a few more weeks to make my way through the bag.  He was right, I didn’t really want it, my body didn’t really need it.  Letting myself have them allowed me to ration in a way that once would never have been possible.  I share that to remind you that you body is magnificent.  Listen to it, trust it, love it.

National Nutrition Month Tip #31

In order to make lasting change, you must get clear not only on what your goals are, but why they are important to you.  What will reaching these goals mean for you?  How will your life change?  If you are interested in exploring this further, if you know where you want to be and you’d like support on your path to getting there, email me today with the subject line “I’m ready!”

Peace, Love, and Wellness,


National Nutrition Month Tip #30

Let me guess, you know what you need to do to make more nutritious choices in your life, right?  Even before this month of tips that I shared with you, you had enough information to act on, but did you?  Often, the follow-through is where people get tripped up, can you relate? You take in new information and implement it at first, but eventually you slip back into your old habits.  What makes the difference is having someone there to support you and hold you accountable to the actions that are most important to you.

Where do you need support in turning your goals into realities? Let’s chat.

Peace, Love, and Wellness,


National Nutrition Month Tip #29

Toxins are just about everywhere these days, and they are interfering with your ability to reach your optimal health.  By bringing awareness to where toxins are, you can focus on reducing your exposure in the areas where you have control.  Even a few small steps to decreasing your toxic exposure can decrease your risk for cancer, hormonal and reproductive complications and more.  Did you know that there are toxins in your food, personal care products, and the air in your home?  Learning more about these toxins is the first step to creating healthy change.  Here are a few ways you can start to reduce your toxic exposure today:


  • Start buying organic produce.


  • Read the labels on the products you buy, and look up ingredients if you don’t know what they are.  Start buying more consciously.


  • Keep the air in your home cleaner by opening windows, buying houseplants, and investing in an air filtration system.

National Nutrition Month Tip #28

Stress reduction is key to your health because stress actually causes inflammation in the body, which leads to illness and disease, sometimes suffered silently for a long time.  We are more stressed today than ever before and many of us are moving at breakneck speed without slowing down even to eat, let alone breathe and check in with ourselves.  When you reduce your stress you:

  • Allow your body to be better able to digest food, reducing digestive discomfort and increasing the absorption of nutrients
  • Create stronger relationships with those around you, which increases productivity, happiness, and the health of yourself and others
  • Free up time to do the things you love because you are not in a constant state of worrying about what happened in the past and what needs to happen in the future.  You are able to enjoy the present moment and love life.


Where do you feel stuck when it comes to reducing stress?

National Nutrition Tip #27

An important part of your health is making time to take care of yourself outside of the realm of food.  So many things drop to the bottom of the to-do list because we often view them as luxuries instead of necessities in our lives.  In fact, taking care to make ourselves happy is crucial to a healthy life.


You can find ways to incorporate self-care into your daily routine without taking much time.  Here are some of my favorite ways.


  • Oil self massage – Massaging yourself with coconut oil or other oil blends before you get in the shower can be very relaxing.  By massaging your body, you also allow lymph to flow with more ease, which plays an important role in keeping your immune system functioning.


  • Mindful showering – Instead of letting your time in the shower be full of planning your day, rethinking your to-do list, and worrying about what comes next, try to tune into the moment, and really pay attention to your body as your honor and clean it.  We tend to be critical of ourselves, and especially of our bodies.  Let your shower be a time when you can love yourself up and appreciate all that your body does for you.


  • Make time for something you love – Even if you have a bus schedule and feel as if you couldn’t possibly fit more in, make sure that you are finding time to do something you love.  If you love to read, find 15 minutes a day to read.  If you love watching movies but don’t have time to watch a full-length film, watch your favorite scene from a movie you love.


It is easy to find excuses not to do the things we love, but that tends to leave us feeling miserable.  Instead, decide to take care of yourself even if it’s only in little ways because those little ways add up quickly.  If you need support in finding ways to fit self-care into your routine, email me today at xandra dot oneill at gmail dot com.