In the Noise, Find the Quiet, In Your Weaknesses, Find Your Strength

IMG_20160511_115108The coffee shop is loud today, and maybe that is what I need. So much chatter around me that it all blends together and becomes just noise and it drowns out the unnecessary chatter of my own mind.

For months I found myself working at home instead of coffee shops and I have forgotten again to pack earbuds. I roll with it.

Write first, connect to the internet later has become my mantra, holding off distractions until I have gotten some words down, some thoughts sorted.

I could write about the dream I had with the vulture, the hawk, the geese, and the crows I think, and then realize I still want to dive into the rich symbolism there which would require an internet search.

Scrawled on my hand from this morning, notes taken from my morning pages,

our places of weakness allow us to use our strengths

This idea has been following me around recently and I have been speaking to it in yoga classes.

In the physical practice, we are often so aware of what our bodies can’t do, what our physical limitations are, where we are not as flexible.

When we escape the negative thought patterns those moments may provoke and we lean into our strengths, we can learn from our bodies.

We can harness the energy where we are strong (the legs, the arms, the core, the mind, the breath) and we can use to it remind us of our inherent strength.

I often ask my students to contemplate where that physical strength comes from because it is deeper than just the physical strength.

Deep within you, you have great strength. You can call upon it with the breath, send it where it needs to go, recognize that what feels like weakness is a lesson. What story is asking to be heard?

Some soul work for you this week, and I’d love to had what comes up for you in the comments below –

What is something that you label as weakness in your life, your body, your being? What story is asking to be heard?

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