Letting Go: You Have to Be Ready

fireThere are times in our lives when we are forced to let go regardless of whether or not we are ready.  At some level, we’ve let go.  To fully release and make space though, we have to be ready.


What does it mean to be ready?


  • The idea of moving forward and not looking back brings you calm, not fear.


  • You recognize that things of your past no longer serve you where you are in your life.


The signs that you are ready may be subtle or they may be quite clear.  Maybe you have a nagging feeling that you would be better off if you could finally let go of something that happened in your past.  Or maybe you feel the urge, as I did, to purge and burn old letters and emails that were reminders of a you that is no longer true.


An interesting thing happens when you find yourself ready to let go of one thing – you start to realize you are ready to let go of much more.  It’s almost like it becomes addictive, and then you are eventually left feeling clearer, and closer to your truer self.


Being ready is not something that you can force yourself into, it must come organically, or you’re not really ready.  The beauty of being ready to let go means that you are open and receptive to new experiences.

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