Mama, what IS it?

“Mama, what is it?” Chloe asked me as I told her I had something new for us to play with.


“It’s a surprise,” I told her as I took the canister from the shelf.


I placed them on the table, beautiful natural colors, all in a row and asked her to choose one.  She picked pink, as is often the case these days.


Eco Kids Eco Dough


I unscrewed the lid, pulled off a piece, and handed it to her.  I took a piece for myself and started rolling it into a ball.


“What is it?” she repeated.


“Playdough,” I told her.  Really though, it’s eco-dough, a perfect solution for a mama who remembers Playdough always smelling a little funny.  I never knew exactly what it was made of, and until recently, I had little reason to care.


I was visiting my aunt and uncle in Cleveland Ohio at least 15 years ago, when my cousin was young.  I remember being amazed as we spent time in the kitchen and I watched Playdough being made.  It fascinated me to see it come out of a pot, colored by food coloring, instead of from a container, colored by who-knows-what.


When Chloe was younger, I thought in the future that, yes, we will make Playdough together too.  As life with a young child, my own business, and everything else that comes up played out, the time never seemed to appear.  That’s why I was so excited when I discovered eco-dough.


This is an example of how I find balance between wanting to do it all and knowing that I can’t possibly.


When I find products that let me find more joy with Chloe while reducing stress, overwhelm, and feelings of “I must,” I welcome them into my home with open arms – when they meet my standards.


Using blueberries, carrots, spinach, and in the case of the pink, to color the dough, I knew exactly what was in the eco-dough just by reading the label on the container.  No proprietary information blocking my confidence that this was a safe product for my child.  Just pure, safe fun!

 playing with eco dough


We made snowmen, flowers, challah, rings and all sorts of fun creations.  It was the perfect way to spend a rainy and overcast day.  She was upset when it was time to put it away, but what can I say – lunch and naptime were calling.


I look forward to exploring more colors with Chloe (and ecokids paint, but that’s a mess for another day).  Will we make our own in the kitchen?  Maybe we will one day.  For now, I’m confident that I can keep the joy coming with a little more ease.


Click here to get your own eco-dough (disclaimer: as an Amazon affiliate I do make a small percentage of money on each purchase).


Where can you find a little more balance and ease in your life today?


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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