Rewriting Our Stories

Begin to WriteI was thinking about this long ingrained belief I have carried around that I am not a creative person. I can point to a few art teachers who made me feel that way, yet I feel like it stems from a younger experience than I can even recall. It is amazing to me how long we can carry around lies and call them truths.

I have always wanted to create, and to see myself as creative, and I am finally giving myself more opportunities to see how my creative essence manifests in my life.

The truth is we are all creative beings.

The choices we make weave the tapestry of our lives. Whether we are coding or creating a piece of jewelry, whether we are putting on the same basic clothes each day or choosing layers and adornments to fit our mood, all of these choices are acts of creation.

When we allow ourselves to have this shift in perspective, to see each moment, each breath, as a moment of creativity, we allow ourselves to step into the truth of not only our own creative nature but the creative nature of the world around us.

This happens when we notice the beauty of someone jogging gracefully by us, or the joy that comes to our hearts when we see a child deep in play. The sway of the tree in the wind is an illustration of creative nature, as one branch bends this way and another that way.

We can bring this shift of perspective to any story we have come to believe as truth in our lives that is no longer serving our highest good.

We can look at the roots of the story and explore them. How did these stories become part of how we label who were are? Whether they came from meanness, resentment, the desire to protect or the intention of kindness, whether you were told this story once or dozens (or even hundreds) of times, we can rewrite them.

Once you see the roots, you can begin to untangle the weeds from your own true roots. You can begin to step into the idea that even if something was a truth before, it does not need to continue to be your story.

There was a time when we could not walk, or write, or read. If we had held on tight to those stories as truth, where would we be right now? Evolution and iteration are part of our natural state.

I have done a lot to rewrite the story of myself as a creative being and in doing so I have come to live my life more deeply and sacredly than ever before, because I believe in who I am, not in who others told me I was or might always be.

What story are you ready to rewrite?

With Love and Gratitude,


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