Sacred Ritual Everyday: The Activist Edition

sacred activist

Perhaps you feel like you’ve been drowning for the last few weeks, or maybe months.

Perhaps you have felt your sacred activist self awakening (or reawakening).

Perhaps you have noticed how quickly you feel drained and you don’t know how to refuel before you’re thrown for another loop.

I know how you are feeling, and I am here to give you a gift that I think will help you become the sacred activist that this moment is asking you to be.

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For years, I have been learning about, practicing, and teaching sacred self care and sacred ritual everyday.

In the last few months I have felt immense gratitude for these practices as I have felt the fog of grief, the heaviness of fear, the depth of numbness, and the call to rise up and take action.

I have found rhythm in the rituals that have been part of my life for years.

I have found comfort in the grounded energy I am able to find when I listen to what I need.

I have found trust in being aware of what it is that I need.

And I want this all for you.

Why? Because you need it. We all do. We need to build such a strong foundation of sacred ritual and self care that even when the storm gets rough (and I think it will remain rough for quite some time) we can steady ourselves. This is how we sustain our sacred activism.

I invite you to join me for 10 days of sacred ritual. This is my gift to you.

We will join together in community in a Facebook group (if you want) as I guide you through simple and actionable prompts that will help you learn how to take care of yourself so you can take care of the world.

We’ll be exploring ways in which you can:

* cultivate sacred awareness of what energizes you and what drains you

* create sacred space for yourself away from the onslaught of information

* develop habits of sacred nourishment so the time away is well spent

* find calm and deeper understanding through sacred stillness

* find courage and strength through sacred movement

* recognize your unique gifts so that you can turn them into sacred action

* connect in sacred community so you never feel alone

* find your way to sacred knowledge so you can feel empowered without feeling overwhelmed

Are you in?

I believe we need sacred ritual now more than ever. If you agree and feel inclined to share this with others sacred activists who might be seeking something like this right now, please do.