Sacred Ritual Everyday


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What if you could live and love each day fully, no matter what happened?

We fill our days with so many mundane tasks and by the time we fall into bed, exhausted, each night, we often feel as if we’ve wasted the day. What if you could fall asleep each night feeling as if you had lived the day to its fullest? That you had created time and space for the things and people you value most? How would your life be different if you could cherish the beautiful moments and let them carry you across the harsh waves?

That is what Sacred Ritual Every is all about – creating moments throughout your day that make you feel fully alive and aligned.


What will it look like?

4 weeks. Emails Monday – Friday.

Mondays – a video to ground us through the work of the week

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays – simple prompts to guide you towards exploring ritual and discovering what rituals resonate with you

Fridays – a special interview series with some amazing women to help show you how ritual has helped guide them in their lives

SRE weeks


Who is it for?

You. Truly, I believe this work is powerful and can be beneficial to just about anyone. If you have been searching for a way to feel grounded, to feel a connection to the choices you make throughout your day, and to experience treating yourself as sacred everyday and not just on occasion, I think you’ll really enjoy Sacred Ritual Everyday.