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I Am Pursuing Subtle Threads

IMG_20160719_160333Each bead, like each part of the self, holds its own energy. Each bead is unique in color, in exact size, in design. Each bead is a reflection of what has come before and holds the promise of what is yet to come.

As I pick them up, hold them gently in my hands, begin to place them side by side, I begin to see the story that they tell together.

This one pulls out the color of that one. Contrast can sometimes create powerful energy, and sometimes more consistency allows for a sense of calm.

Each one of us is made up of many parts, whether we label them or not. The stories of who we have been, of who we think we are, of who we are becoming, are similar in a way to the beads. They can feel similar to one another, they can feel separate, they can lead us to feel like we are struggling to find a way to hold it all together, to see how all of these pieces fit.

There are the beads, and then there is the thread.

The thread that holds them all together while still allowing each bead space to breathe, to contribute its own energy to the whole.

And it makes me wonder sometimes about the thread that holds all of my parts together….

“I’m searching for the thread that holds it all together,” I said recently to some friends. In the days that followed I realized that I am that thread. All the parts of me are held together by the essence of who I am, that which is beyond the labels.

I am mama. I am wife. I am daughter. I am yoga teacher. I am writer. I am coach. I am mala maker. I am friend. I am all of this and more. These are the beads of self and I am the thread.

Turning to Howlite for Patience and Rest

IMG_20160519_212316I toss and turn. I move my pillows around. I kick my blanket off and then pull it back close to me. I try for about an hour to sleep on the couch, and then the cat wakes me.

Howlite is good for insomnia I remember, and when I retreat back to bed, my mala comes with me and I tuck it under my pillow.

I sleep. I sleep well. Night after night it becomes my ritual to place my mala underneath my pillow, allowing me to absorb the healing energy as I settle in for a night of sleep.

The effects are clear during the day too. I find that on the nights that I remember to rest with the howlite nearby, my patience comes more easily in the daylight.

Patience and rest, two properties of howlite. Under my pillow and around my neck, two ways I use my mala.

When I posted the picture of my howlite, sodalite, and garnet mala, people felt drawn to it. I was in a store the other day and someone told me it caught their eye.

And so, I created another one.

Whether you are seeking rest, patience, or the commingling of white and gray (lovely summer colors), I invite you to consider howlite. To see what is currently in stock, you can visit the Sacred Becoming Shop.

With Love and Gratitude,