Tarot Card Readings

It began with a deck that had been sitting on my desk for months, maybe even years. One day when I was in a not-so-great mood I finally decided to shuffle the deck and do a reading for myself.

From there grew a new part of my self care routine. Tarot cards would again and again pull me out of funks, ruts, and moments when I was needing clarity.

At some point in time I found myself intuitively pulling cards for some of my clients right before we got on the phone. I would use them as a meditation at the end of the session, and almost always we would both be astonished to see how deeply the card resonated with where our conversation took us. These cards became action steps, validation, clarity.

And now I offer them to you.

When you sign up for a reading from me, within 48 hours (usually less, excluding weekends), you will receive an email with a photo of the card and an intuitive reading.

If this is calling to you, I invite you to step into trust and see what is waiting to be discovered.

Tarot Card Readings

  • Price: $15.00

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