What Giraffes Can Teach Us about Trust and Intuition

GiraffesWe stood there and watched the male giraffe sniff the female’s behind and then drink her pee. I knew there must have been a reason for it, and when I discovered what it was, I was amazed (and not all that surprised).

In the wild, male giraffes will taste the female’s urine to tell if she is in heat, and if so, they will continue the mating ritual.

That is genius, that giraffes have evolved to be able to identify signs of fertility in potential mates.

This experience coupled with my recent (and much overdue) reading of Taking Charge of Your Fertility (a must read for every woman who desires to better understand her body), made me think again about how much we have distanced ourselves from knowing our own bodies, and therefore our deeper selves.

We have the fertility signs, and our mates do not even have to drink our urine (I think we’re all grateful for that).

This is true when it comes to our creative fertility as well.

In the age of reliance on technology to remember information for us, tell us how to get from point A to point B, and so many more of the simple day-to-day tasks that we used to do without such dependency, owe have distanced ourselves from the most important thing of all – ourselves.

In many ways, I think we have become afraid of turning inward and looking for the messages that will give us more information than any app or website ever could. I believe this fear comes from a growing lack of trust in ourselves.

Trust is built when we feel safe, when we can expect reliability, when we can put down our armor and be our true selves.

I asked a few friends how they know when to trust a person or a situation.

My gut. And I have no questions about it….When I trust it just is.

…when someone earns your trust, you really feed heard by them.

I ask my guides and I get clear answers.

Trust is the ability to no longer question.

You’re never going to get that kind of feeling of trust when relying on your phone’s GPS to tell you where to go or by looking something up on a website.

The trust that these women speak of is the internal trust compass that we all have within us.

The giraffes have this kind of trust. They know the signs to look for, they know how to gather the necessary information, and they know how to interpret the data. Then from a place of trust, they can choose their path.

When you take the time and awareness to listen to the messages that are waiting deep within, you cultivate a deeper trust with that inner knowing. Then, you know what step is next on your path. Then, you not only know what questions to ask but how much faith you have in the answers you recieve. Then, you have created fertile ground that is rooted deep within.

With Love,

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